Pool Maintenance (Commercial & Residential)

Dirty and chemical unbalanced pools are a turn off for swimmers as they serve as breeding grounds for diseases and infections. Swimmers are most vulnerable when in a pool and it’s a basic need for swimming pools to be clean and sanitized on a regular basis. The useful life of the pool itself depends entirely of having a professional and reliable pool service.

No matter in what kind of condition your pool currently is, we can take care of it, this way you and your family can start enjoying a clean, healthy pool. Our weekly pool service is simple and affordable.

As time goes by, the pool water will evaporate leaving behind minerals that can affect the condition of the water. We take all the reasoning out of balancing your pool water using industry standard tests and chemicals to guarantee a great quality of your pool water.

Leak Detection

The worst that can happen to a concrete in-ground pool is having a leak. Our high quality team has many years of experience and promises to work with you and repair it. We work with the best tools available in the market such as pressurizers, dye testers, sonars, etc.,

How to identify if your pool has a leak? It’s easy! If your pool has more than two inches of water a week your pool may have a leak. If you’re unsure, no need to worry because we can help you.

A leak, even a small one, can cost you more than you think. In addition to costly water bills, added chemical consumption, and unbalance water chemistry, your leak could cause accelerated surface deterioration, equipment failures and even sink holes.

What you should do right now, even before to you keep reading other websites, or calling anyone is to a simple called the “bucket test”… What’s that?!

A “bucket test” is done in three simple steps in 48 hour.

Step 1:
Fill your pool to regular water level then, using a pencil, mark inside the skimmer where the water level is.

Step 2:
Safely place a bucket with water anywhere around the pool and leave a mark where the water is. Now wait 2 days and see what happens.

Step 3:
After the two days using a tape measure and compare both marks, the one inside the skimmer (pool) and the one in the bucket. If they both match then that means there no leak at all It’s just evaporation! On the hand, If the pool water level went down further than the bucket that means that your pool has a leak. Now you can call us and we’ll take care of it.

Remodeling (All Patio – Pool Deck)

If what you need is to give a new look to your pool and patio, then search no more!

Turn that “Eww” into “OMG” – Remodel, and give your outdated pool a fresh new look.

Whether you need a simple make-over on your pool such as re-plaster, or perhaps a new paver,

travertine pool deck, new pool tiles, coping, or maybe update the pool equipment, you can count on us to have it done.

If what you need is a major overhaul like adding a spa, waterfall, or anything else, will provide personal service and go over everything together, from day one to finish.

We have the best and most reliable team in South Florida to do your project the most efficient, reliable and affordable way.

Whether it is the pool motor, pump, filters, valves,
plumbing, etc., we’ll take care of it and fix it ASAP.

We have access to all major brands for pool parts in the market,
such as Hayward, Pentair, Sta Rite, and Jandy.

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